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13th February 2012

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Let me tell you a story.

Part 3 of 10. Forest (CHARACTER CREATION TIME)

Time to build us a proxy for the story everyone!

The Branch is a being that goes out and does the bidding of the Slender Man. But they are slightly different in terms that to become one, Slender Man takes those who claim not to fear him and show them his Tree.

The Tree will be explored more futher into the story, but right now I want all of you to think of the way you would portray this individual.

He’s scratched up. Bleeding. And completely obsessed with wanting to make more like himself. He’s also intelligent and able to hold conversations.

So I’ve opened my submissions box for anything you’d like to use to help create this character. You can draw, write or record yourself, and anything else you can think of doing if you want.

I’ll compile all the best bits and make a coherent character out of it.

tl;dr Send me stuff to make a proxy with!

[Character Introduction Post]

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    *points at RedRage* I am far too influenced by him for this. But anyway, to me a Branch would be someone very unattached...
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